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From green forest to green commodity chemicals

Evaluating the potential for large-scale production in Sweden for three value chains

Bokomslag From green forest to green commodity chemicals
VR 2015:02
Jonas M Joelsson & Clas Engström - SP Processum AB and Lena Heutz - Chalmers University of Technology
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The aim of the Skogskemi innovation development project has been to lay the foundation for a sustainable and competitive production of forest-based bulk chemicals through the cooperation between the forest industry and the chemical industry. Two large Swedish clusters have been participating in Skogskemi: The chemistry cluster in Stenungsund and the biorefinery cluster of Processum. Three value chains with potential to be scaled up to demonstrators in Sweden were selected: Butanol, Methanol and Olefins. Large market volumes providing for bulk production potential and the ability of the chemicals to fit into existing infrastructure – so called drop-in chemicals – were important selection criteria. The project has performed detailed technical studies of the three value chains and preliminary front-end engineering designs (pre-FEED) have been delivered. The project has also delivered extensive knowledge regarding two technology platforms for the conversion of Swedish lignocellulosic feedstock: a sugar platform with production of ethanol and a gasification platform with production of methanol. Ethanol and methanol are important intermediates in the butanol and olefins value chains.

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