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Mobil Depå

Koordinator VIKTORIA SWEDISH ICT AB - IT-forskningsinstitut Viktoria AB
Bidrag från Vinnova 500 000 kronor
Projektets löptid maj 2015 - augusti 2016
Status Avslutat
Utlysning Utmaningsdriven innovation – steg 1 initiering

Viktiga resultat som projektet gav

In order to have less disturbance from the freight carriers vans, in this project, we aimed to conceptualize a more sustainable solution. The solution is based on a mobile depot (e.g. a bus, truck, barge, or tram) that circles the city, while a team of people using ultra light vehicles, like bikes or segways, link to it and distribute the last mile. The main aims of the project were to: - Better conceptualize the solution - Analyze utilization of the suggested solution - Map stakeholders, their needs & goals - Develop partner cluster and design prototypes

Långsiktiga effekter som förväntas

Our initial analysis shows that such a system can be environmentally and socially better for the city context, while maintaining economic viability above a certain utilization rate of the mobile depot for the transport operators. The stakeholder analysis revealed that all issues are deemed solvable at short or long term with coordination of the actors (both individuals and organizations) and resistances to change to be the main issues in implementation. A partner cluster has been developed and initial work is conducted towards finalizing prototypes and moving to demo.

Upplägg och genomförande

Our analysis revealed that the suggested solution can be beneficial from an environmental and social point of view in terms of improving air quality and lowering CO2 emissions, noise intrusion, congestion and visual intrusion, and still remain economically competitive for transport operators (i.e. when the cost gap of the vans and the small vehicles equals the fixed cost of the mobile depot). While more studies are required to understand the drawbacks of this system, the major issues we found were related to coordination, resistances to change and turf protections.

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