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Ready for an early Take Off?

International evaluation of the VINNVÄXT initiatives in early stages

Bokomslag Ready for an early Take Off?
VR 2011:17
Lisa de Propris, Alexander Eickelpasch, Ifor Ffowcs-Williams, Peter Kempinsky, et al
Antal sidor

This report presents the evaluation of four VINNVÄXT initiatives:
• The Biorefinary of the Future
• Peak Innovation
• Printed Electronics Arena
• Smart Textiles
The initiatives evaluated were the third generation of initiatives to be funded by the VINNVÄXT programme which commenced in 2008, all selected to be in the early stages in the development as innovation systems.
The objective of the VINNVÄXT programme is to promote sustainable growth based on international competitiveness in regions, by developing regional innovation system´s functionality, dynamics and efficiency to an international level. According to the evaluation strategy the initiatives are evaluated every third year. The overall objective of this first evaluation is to see if the initiatives had a good start, building the platform for future growth and international competitiveness in their respective growth area.
Evaluation aspects are organizational and leadership issues as well as the outcome and impact of the initiatives in terms of knowledge development, innovation and international competitiveness.

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