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Bokomslag Chemical Industry Companies in Sweden
VA 2013:01
Johanna Mossberg - SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden
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Within its framework of strategic monitoring Vinnova has embarked on a series of analyses of trends for several branches of industry. Parameters examined include business structure, strategic areas for renewal and cooperation in research, and innovation. On-going or recently completed studies include: Life Science; Automotive; Chemicals; Mines and minerals; Metals; Maritime; Forest, pulp and paper; Information and communications technology; Environmental Technology and finally, Energy. The studies are conducted using the same overall methodology, but with certain adaptations to suit the specific characteristics of each branch. Vinnova intends to supplement these studies with analyses of other branches of industry as well as additional aspects of the innovation systems while taking an international context into consideration. Furthermore these studies will be updated in order to reveal trends, renewals and structural alterations. The present study analyses businesses in the chemical industry.

This study gives an overview of the chemical industry in Sweden in the year 2010. The study highlights some important industry features and discusses the structure of the chemical industry. The study is brief and its main aim is to serve as a basis for discussion as well as give insights and ideas for further studies of the chemical industry in Sweden including other parts of the innovation system connected to it.

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