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Virtuell Biopsi med med MRI

Bidrag från Vinnova 999 950 kronor
Projektets löptid juni 2017 - februari 2018
Status Avslutat

Viktiga resultat som projektet gav

Our long-term aim is to supply hospitals with an MRI based virtual biopsy tool for fast and secure cancer diagnosis and treatment monitoring to ensure the right therapy at the right time, and the overall objective in the project was to secure financing for development towards such tool. The Purpose of the project was that by showing Independent use and benefit in a clinical setting and through market research evaluate necessary industrial partners and suitable licensing models needed to refine the business plan and thereby attract further investments in the company.

Långsiktiga effekter som förväntas

We have shown Independent use and benefit in a clinical setting. Independent users at 6 sites have collected data on clinical MRI scanners and potential industrial partners have been evaluated, resulting in two partners with right qualifications and ambition. A licensing model meeting potential requirements of both licensor and licensees have been developed. The expected outcome of the results was to secure future financing, which has been accomplished.

Upplägg och genomförande

Random Walk Imaging and the Department of Physical Chemistry 1, Lund University was responsible for business development. For a detailed analysis of licensing models and market dynamics, an external advisor was consulted. Implementation at independent sites and training of users was conducted by Department of Medical Radiation Physics, Lund University. This included visits to sites for validation as well as hands-on training courses. The department of Diagnostic Radiology, Skåne University Hospital, collected data on brain tumors for correlation with histopathology.

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