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Two of the "new" Sciences - Nanomedicine and Systems Biology in the United States

Bokomslag Two of the "new" Sciences - Nanomedicine and Systems Biology in the United States
VA 2009:16
Martin A. Wikström - Growth Analysis/Myndigheten för tillväxtpolitiska utvärderingar och analyser, Washington D.C.
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In December 2006, Vinnova was assigned by the Swedish government to conduct an international benchmarking of the Swedish sectorial innovation systems in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical technology. Case studies and international comparisons of activities in different countries are important in assessing and understanding the Swedish conditions and challenges with regard to life science research and innovation. The by far most influential country globally is the United States considering the size of the science base, R&D-investments and industry. The trends in the U.S. therefore tend to have a strong influence on the global development. Vinnova has thus commissioned ITPS (today the Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis) to analyse and describe the situation for a number of life science areas in the U.S.

This study which is one of the above mentioned studies is based on data and information concerning primarily policy trends in Nanomedicine and Systems biology. The report is based on published studies and information, searches in databases, interviews as well as analysis of the gathered materials.

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