Gjutteknologi för lättvikts komponenter till miljövänliga flygmotorer och industriella gasturbiner

Bidrag från Vinnova 822 884 kronor
Projektets löptid maj 2012 - november 2014
Status Avslutat

Syfte och mål

The aim of this work was to develop a casting process for industrialization of thin-walled turbine components. This is a strategic technology required to manufacture lighter weight jet engines that are more environmentally friendly. Through the technical results of this work TPC has succeded in tailoring a casting process to enable manufacture of thinner walled airfoil components for turbines. These results are directly applicable to manufacture of parts for jet engines.

Resultat och förväntade effekter

This work has equipped TPC with the capability to cast complex thin-walled structures. Deliverable results include development of a simulation tool trimmed to predict solidification behavior in thin structures as well as a casting process tailored to produce thin structures. The results from the study were directly industrialized and used to produce thin-walled components with complex geometries for industrial gas turbines.

Upplägg och genomförande

The work included identification ofimportant material properties and process parameters crucial to produce thin, complex components and thus develop new process technology. Initially a literature survey was done to acquire relevant thermodynamic material properties to create a reliable simulation tool. Then a study was performed to identify parameters critical in increasing fluidity and thereby castability of thin sections. A series of casting trials were performed to trim a simulation model. These results were then used to industrialize new thin-walled components for gas turbines.

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