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The Energy Industry in Sweden continues to grow

Analysis of companies in the energy industry 2007-2014 - business segments, age structures, gender equality and competence

Bokomslag The Energy Industry in Sweden continues to grow

The Energy Industry in Sweden continues to grow

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Sweden's Energy Industry is in the midst of a transition period. The megatrends that affect all process industry, and often are spelled globalization and digitization, create a melting pot for Sweden's, Europe's, and by extension, the entire world's energy industry.

The purpose of this analysis project is to generate and compile qualitative as well as quantitative data for Sweden's Energy Industry, which then are visualised and analysed. The overall purpose is to offer in-depth knowledge base materials for use in strategy processes and in the dialogue with and between the innovation system's various actors. The term 'innovation system' often means a set of actors, network, and institutions that are interdependent. Often they are made up of companies, colleges, and the public sector.

Within the framework of Vinnova's business intelligence, a series of analyses are performed of business and industry structure, strategic areas for renewal, as well as research and innovation cooperation for a number of industrial branches. Completed studies include: Life Science; Vehicles; Mine and mineral; Metals; Chemical; Maritime; Forest, pulp and paper; Information and Communication Technology; Environment Technology, and finally, Train and railroad. The studies are carried out with the same methodology but with certain adaptation to the different characteristics of the industrial activities.

For Swedish version see "Energibranschen i Sverige fortsätter växa" (Vinnova Rapport/Analys VA 2016:05)

VA 2017:01
Maria Engzell, Andreas Lepa & Samuel Strömgren - ECC, Competence Center/Work in Västerås
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