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Bokomslag Research Priorities and Priority-Setting in China
VA 2009:21
Liu Li - Tsinghua University, Beijing
Antal sidor

The principles and institutional mechanisms utilised in setting priorities for public financing of research and development are crucial aspects of any country's research and innovation system. As an input to the development of its own strategies and positions, Vinnova has decided to commission in-depth studies of the prioritisation mechanisms in the US, China and Japan and in the EU's Framework Programmes. Welcoming open discussions on issues relating to priority-setting and hoping that the studies may also be of interest to other institutions in Sweden and internationally.

Priority-setting in China mainly emphasises the strategic demand and frontiers of world S&T. It underscores the importance of combining top-down and bottom-up perspectives in the Chinese processes. There is a colourful Chinese expression to describe this approach, translated "go forward with your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground." The Chinese research funding system has transformed itself from previous follow-up, imitation and catch-up phases to the present 10th Five Year Plan emphasising the development of knowledge to support indigenous innovation.

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