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Priority-setting in Japanese Research and Innovation Policy

Bokomslag Priority-setting in Japanese Research and Innovation Policy
VA 2009:23
Lennart Stenberg - Vinnova and University of Tokyo & Hiroshi Nagano - National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies - GRIPS and Japan Science and Technology Agency - JST
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The principles and institutional mechanisms utilized in setting priorities for public financing of research and development are crucial aspects of any country's research and innovation system. As an input to the development of its own strategies and positions, Vinnova has decided to commission in-depth studies of the prioritization mechanisms in the USA, China and Japan and in the EU Framework Programmes. Welcoming open discussions on issues relating to priority-setting and hoping that the studies may also be of interest to other institutions in Sweden and internationally, these are published in English and made generally available.

This publication covers priority-setting in Japanese research and innovation policy.

Although Sweden and Japan differ greatly in the structure and size of their research and innovation systems, Vinnova finds that the evolution of priority-setting in Japan carries important lessons for Sweden as well. Although Sweden, with its small economy has a greater need to prioritize and co-ordinate its investment in research and innovation, Japan has so far made greater efforts towards developing government-wide priorities and strengthening co-ordination among ministries and agencies. It is also noteworthy that more emphasis has recently been put on linking research investment to the creation of innovation. Even in a large economy like Japan, attractiveness of its research and innovation environment on the global stage has come to be seen as essential.

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