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Better cycles

An analysis of the needs and requirements of older cyclists

Bokomslag Better cycles
VR 2007:17
Krister Spolander
Antal sidor

The project in this report is one of the needs analyses financed by Vinnova to obtain data as to what should be included in the investment, planned to start in 2008, in the living environment of older people. Vinnova's investment will consist of needs-driven research aimed at developing products and services which facilitate day-to-day life for older people.

In an initial stage, needs analyses will be conducted to gain qualitative and quantitative information on the needs of older people. These analyses will then form the basis of an "innovation work concentrating especially on userdriven innovations contributed to and influenced by older people themselves. Future investments will address the various challenges and opportunities for innovations which satisfy the needs of older people and which can also provide market advantages to Swedish industry."

This project is thus one of the needs analyses of the initial stage.

The Swedish Association for Senior Citizens, SPF, was the responsible organisation and I was project manager.

For Swedish version see "Bättre cyklar" (Vinnova Rapport VR 2007:16).

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