Mycket tillförlitlig och låg latens kommunikation för industriell digitalisering

Diarienummer 2017-02822
Koordinator ABB AB - ABB Corporate Research - Västerås
Bidrag från Vinnova 296 000 kronor
Projektets löptid augusti 2017 - januari 2019
Status Pågående
Utlysning Individrörlighet för innovation och samhällsnytta
Ansökningsomgång 2017-02498-en

Syfte och mål

The primary goal is to renew and expand the collaborations between KTH and ABB in the direction of I-URLLC. This project expects to accelerate the adoption of I-URLLC in ABB’s products, then contribute to the evolution of the 5G. I will co-supervise more PhD and postdoc. These postdocs and PhDs at KTH will be closely integrated with the researchers at ABB led by me into one team, the ABB-KTH I-URLLC Team (“Team” below). Given the current progresses and experimentally proven research approaches, I have the ambition to make this Team a leader in I-URLLC .

Förväntade effekter och resultat

If we count in all the potential use cases enabled by the I-URLLC, we can expect a total return on investment at the level of 100 million USD per year. KTH will be benefited from the access to ABB facilities, high impact publications, domain knowledge and cutting edge research challenges and approaches. Additionally, the fundamental technologies will be standardized e.g. through the Wireless HART, ISA 100, and WSAN. We also expect this project to clarify requirements, correct defects in the existing proposals, and guide development of next steps of the 5G URLLC.

Planerat upplägg och genomförande

The project will start on Aug 1, 2017 and I will spend 3 months distributed over 18 months. Note my collaboration with KTH is long term. In the whole team, we have 4 employees from ABB, and 2 associate professors, 2 postdoc, 1 PhD from KTH, and 3 more PhD guest researchers from other universities. In the entire project will do literature review and simulation in year-1, implement building blocks in year-2, and integrate the demonstrator in year-3. The budget for the mobility project is 592kSEK.

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