Millimeter-Wave Massiva MIMO-system med Smart Beamforming

Diarienummer 2018-01534
Koordinator Lunds universitet - Institutionen för Elektro- och informationsteknik
Bidrag från Vinnova 2 040 000 kronor
Projektets löptid juli 2018 - juni 2020
Status Pågående
Utlysning Strategiska innovationsprogrammet Smartare elektroniksystem
Ansökningsomgång Electronic components and systems. Research and innovation projects 2018.

Syfte och mål

The objective of this project is to build a millimeter-wave (mmWave) multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) testbed including smart beamforming capability for next-generation new radio. This work includes the development of the overall system architecture, design/implementation of the beamforming system with commercial software-defined radio platforms and in-house radio frequency components, system integration for the experimental testbed, and field test to validate the developed technologies.

Förväntade effekter och resultat

The recent 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) plenary meeting successfully completed the first implementable 5th generation new radio (5G NR) specification. Now, thus, is the best time to build the prototype of advanced systems based on the combination of mmWave and massive MIMO, which are key technologies of 5G NR. In particular, the development of mmWave a MIMO testbed with smart beamforming will be a significant leap to transform the potentials into a viable reality for future commercialization of 5G NR.

Planerat upplägg och genomförande

Based on the developed testbed from our previous VINNOVA project (2018-01845), we will implement a beamforming system, which consists of analog- and digital-domain module. The development of the beamforming module in each domain will be performed concurrently and co-optimized at the stage of system integration. Using know-how and experience through the previous project, we will build up an experimental testbed to prove the concept of the proposed beamforming technology, analyze the performance and implementation bottlenecks, and pave the way for future commercial deployment.

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