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Implementing formative evaluation processes

Bidrag från Vinnova 118 235 kronor
Projektets löptid december 2018 - mars 2019
Status Avslutat

Viktiga resultat som projektet gav

The project highlighted the problems and opportunities raised by the adoption of a Formative Evaluation (FE) approach at Vinnova. This requires a culture of trust, and a set of knowledge, skills and internal capacities to implement FE, interacting with external evaluators and participants, and managing conflict and power imbalances. There are opportunities to build capacities to transform Vinnova’s current evaluation practices; and to enable experimentation in promising technology niches with a local component, where formative evaluation could be tested.

Långsiktiga effekter som förväntas

The project generated a discussion with Vinnova officials about a proposal for FE based on Transformative Innovation theory and principles. This discussion led to a full report building developing in detail the initial proposal, and considering the implications of implementing a FE approach for programmes like the Challenge Driven Initiative (CDI). The full report presents six evaluation principles, suggests a generic theory of change for transformative innovation policy, and a concludes with a discussion about specific problems and opportunities for implementation.

Upplägg och genomförande

The project was structured along two core activities. First, a review of essential background information, including academic literature on evaluation, and documents about the Challenge Driven Innovation (CDI) programme and one of the funded projects (Forest Methanol -Skogsmetanol). Second, a one-day (6 hours) workshop held by the research team with six Vinnova officials from different areas. The workshop served for discussing and illustrating an initial proposal of FE for Vinnova.

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