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Third Evaluation of Berzelii Centres

Exselent, UPSC & Uppsala Berzelii

Bokomslag Third Evaluation of Berzelii Centres

Third Evaluation of Berzelii Centres

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In this evaluation report the Swedish Research Council (VR) and Vinnova present the third evaluation of the Berzelii programme.

The Berzelii programme was initiated in the research bill in 2004, where VR and Vinnova were given the task of setting up the programme with the aim of creating centres with strong scientific excellence, large innovation potential and strong collaboration with relevant industry partners.

Four centres were granted funding through the Berzelii programme from the start 2007. The programme was divided into four phases, each representing a step towards a strong innovation partnership with industry. Each phase was then to be evaluated in order to assess if the centres where developing in the right direction and therefore be granted funding for the next phase in the programme. The first phase was to establish the organizational set-up and long term goals for the centres. The second phase was to further develop scientific excellence and to establish contact with industry partners, followed by the third phase directed towards assessing outputs and outcomes of these efforts. The fourth and final phase of the programme gives continued funding for the Berzelii centres to achieve long term impact in developing collaborations with industry partners.

This evaluation includes advice and recommendations on how each centre can become more efficient and effective. Based on the evaluation results, Vinnova and VR have decided that all three centres will be approved for the fourth phase of funding in the Berzelii programme.

VR 2016:02
Mary O’Kane et al
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