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Bokomslag The Matrix
VR 2010:10
Arne Eriksson (ed.), Verna Allee, Philip Cooke, Vesa Harmaakorpi, Markku Sotarauta & Johan Wallin
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The Vinnväxt programme has been in operation for nearly a decade now and it is supporting knowledge based cluster development. Some distinguishing elements of this program is that Vinnväxt is a program based on competition between cluster initiatives for receiving long term financial support provided positive results in on going evaluationa by international experts. As of now a limited number of growth initiatives receive up to 1.1 million euro per year. An important element is the active participation of companies, researchers and political/ public sector (Triple Helix). An integral part of programme has also been to stimulate competence development and networking between the various initiatives.

This report documents and presents a synthesis of five workshops arranged by Vinnova in 2009. The purpose was to address policy issues concerning internationalisation of clusters and innovation systems; an issue of growing concern for cluster managers as well as for development agencies like Vinnova. We had an expectation that the serie of workshops would assist in setting out a strategic direction for our further work in the programme.

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