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The Innovation Platform

Enabling balance between growth and renewal

Bokomslag The Innovation Platform
VR 2009:25
Niklas Arvidsson & Ulf Mannervik - NormannPartners
Antal sidor

Why do not R&D efforts investments in innovation systems generate more radical innovation, new growth platforms and renewal of industrial systems? This is a question of profound importance, in particular given the socio-technological and ecological system failures we are facing in years to come. How can we meet such storms well, and proactively turn threats of system failures into opportunities for sustainable growth? This book shows why radical innovation and renewal meet resistance, and describes the tension and competition between continuous improvement and radical innovation.

To enable a better balance between growth and renewal we propose that innovation systems should be governed by an innovation platform, i.e. structures and institutions that:

  1. Stimulate transition from focus on growth around existing business and technology ideas to search for renewal that can embrace approaching storms of change, and
  2. Mobilize for transition from innovative renewal to sustainable and profitable business and technology ideas when these are ready to enter or create markets

The book describes a model for how to stimulate exploration and renewal, using examples from innovation policy analysis and formation in international and cross-regional settings. This book is written for innovation policy-makers and corporate innovation managers responsible for creating an innovation climate that allow for and stimulate exploration of tomorrow's business and technology ideas. It is a result from work organized and done by NormannPartners in close collaboration with Vinnova and the County of Stockholm.

Ulf Mannervik, M.Phil., Managing Director, NormannPartners, and Associate Fellow at the Institute for Science, Innovation and Society, University of Oxford.
Niklas Arvidsson, Ph.D., Manager Innovation and Organization, NormannPartners, and researcher at the Centre for Banking and Finance at the Royal Institute of Technology.

For the Swedish version from December 2005, see "Värdeskapande innovationsmiljöer" (Vinnova Rapport VR 2005:15).

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