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Managing and Organizing for Innovation in Service Firms

A literature review with annotated bibliography

Bokomslag Managing and Organizing for Innovation in Service Firms
VR 2009:06
Annika Schilling & Andreas Werr - Stockholm School of Economics
Antal sidor

Vinnovas commitments in the field of work life development aim to strengthen business and public sectors contribution for a sustainable development by enlightening the importance of the employee as an actor and a creative resource. Focus lies on the organisation of work, and on management and leadership that increase the ability to develop a long-term sustainable working life. The objective is global competitiveness.

The number of companies that supply services increases. Services are thus an increasingly important part of the labour market with significant potential to contribute to Sweden's growth. Knowledge about the role of work organisation and leadership in business development and innovation rests today mainly on experience from large Swedish industrial companies. This literature review was initiated in order to identify knowledge gaps in the scientific literature on how service work can be organized and led in order to safeguard and promote the innovation potential of employees.

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