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Industry report on exhaust particle measurements

A work within the EMIR1 Project

Bokomslag Industry report on exhaust particle measurements
VR 2007:07
Arne Kannel - Scania, Anne-Marie Rydström - Volvo & Claes de Serves - AVL MTC
Antal sidor

The development of an analytical tool to measure particulate pollutants from combustion engines has been one of the major tasks within the EMIR1- project. The intention was to use the instrument in emission research studies and for the development of engine and exhaust after treatment systems. It was desired that the instrument should deliver a measure complementary to the regular mass based measurement of particulate matter, operating on a real-time scale. Furthermore, the instrument should be physically robust, show a high degree of analytical sensitivity and good repeatability. It should also be cost effective and easy to operate.

This report concerns measurements using the instrument developed within the EMIR1-project. The instrument has been used at Scania, GM Powertrain Sweden, and Volvo Car Corporation. The main goal with these measurements has been to evaluate the performance of the instrument, and the usability when performing measurements on various cars and engines with sampling from both the CVS-dilution tunnel and tailpipe.

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