Diarienummer 2016-02892
Koordinator PEAK REGION AB - Peak Region Science Park AB
Bidrag från Vinnova 249 500 kronor
Projektets löptid juni 2016 - december 2016
Status Avslutat

Syfte och mål

We have evaluated the patentability of technology and identified further patenting possibilities. We have verified further interest from camera manufacturers and identified our first partners for technology licensing. We have investigated legal risks and benefits for licensing to set a preliminary framework for terms and conditions for technology licensing deals with clients. We have strengthened our network and found new strategic partners by attending key events for the Virtual Reality market.

Resultat och förväntade effekter

Based on the results of the patentability report we continue working according to existing patenting strategy and findings of the report. We have confirmed strong demand from the market for Zero Parallax technology and have identified a list of first clients. In addition to licensing, we have identified strong demand from professional market in VR Industry and identified partners. We have worked out licensing terms for technology licensing deals with and evaluated legal risks and benefits. We have verified our business model and made adjustments in accordance to market conditions.

Upplägg och genomförande

Verified intellectual property protection strategy and made necessary adjustments to patent strategy by hiring a patent attorney. Verified further steps in product development and the business model based on the feedback from potential clients, opinion leaders and partners. Worked out a preliminary deal structure ad general terms for technology licensing with the involvement of a legal counsel. Established a network of strategic partners, opinion leaders and potential customers with the aid of business coach, Nordic Innovation Centre in Palo Alto and participation at key events

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