E8854_GreenPack_FiberX AB

Diarienummer 2014-04413
Koordinator FIBER-X AB
Bidrag från Vinnova 722 162 kronor
Projektets löptid september 2014 - augusti 2016
Status Avslutat
Utlysning Eurostars 2 medfinansiering
Ansökningsomgång Eurostars medfinansiering 2014-2015

Syfte och mål

The objective of the GreenPack project was to develop of prototype of an innovative paper pulp based liquid container a game changing 100% biodegradable bottle for substitution of existing PET-plastic bottles addressing the beverage packaging market for still water, milk and beer. The GreenPack project has achieved most of its challenges: A 3D green bottle able to resist app. 5 bar gas barrier - a breakthrough for a paper bottle. Closer to a new market in existing packaging systems within the market of milk, beer and still water but still challenges in regard to coating to overcome.

Resultat och förväntade effekter

Several new strong formulations and new micro-coatings have been tested on various bottle-prototypes the pilot-plants at EcoXpac, showing significant improved performance of the bottle. The performance of the bottle has shown capabilities to manage pressure of up to app. 5 bars. The biodegradability of the green bottle and suitability as food packaging has been proved. Presentation of the Green bottle concept make Carlsberg and Arla believe the Green Bottle will become a game-changer as new packaging replacing PET-bottles in the future.

Upplägg och genomförande

The objectives have been achieved through new optimal pulp formulations and micro-coating, creating a biodegradable liquid container. Several variations of the formulations and new type of coatings have been tested, and achieved properties analyzed. The new fiber formulations and micro-coatings have been tested on the pilot-plant in various 3D-forms at EcoXpac. Trials with Ultra Sound Technology are carried out in regard to adaptions into the 3D-technology. There have been carried out tests of technical properties in regard to food purposes, and sustainability of the concept.

Externa länkar

The biobased society is closer if we can substitute existing PET-plastic bottles with biodegradable paper bottles

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