Articulated Funiculator and the Tubed Mega Frame

Koordinator Tyréns AB - Tyréns AB Stockholm
Bidrag från Vinnova 200 000 kronor
Projektets löptid november 2012 - april 2013
Status Avslutat
Utlysning Bygginnovationen 2011-2018
Ansökningsomgång Bygginnovationen 2011-2014

Syfte och mål

The objective was to understand the global interest in the innovations and to gather useful feedback for future developments. We are happy to report that we were successful on both accounts. All companies we presented to were interested and offered useful feedback. We have documented the feedback from all participants, in the body of our report, and have developed a check list for future actions. We look forward with anticipation to the next phase in the advancement of the Articulated Funiculator and the Tubed Mega Frame, ´Prototype Development´.

Resultat och förväntade effekter

Execution of this phase of the project produced great results. We received vibrant feedback from world renowned professionals and several of these companies expressed interest in being involved in future developments. The potential of the innovations is large. Not only do the innovations offer innovative solutions to vertical transportation they have the potential to re-shape structural systems for high-rise buildings. Because the innovations have such large potential, the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat encouraged us to submit for their innovation of the year award.

Upplägg och genomförande

This first phase was to introduce the innovations and to investigate the global interest and assess the future market potential. Designs and implementations are projected for the next phase, Prototype Development.

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