Applying for and reporting on FFI projects

All FFI sub-programmes and initiatives employ the same application process, with one exception. Here you will find the templates needed to apply.

How to apply for and report on FFI projects

You must submit  your application electronically via Vinnova’s eServices portal. The only exception is the Energy and the Environment sub-programme, where you submit your application via the Swedish energy agency’s application portal.

You need to read our application instructions before submitting your application. These describe what you may apply for, which documents must be included in your application, how to complete these documents and how we assess applications. The instructions also contain information about how approved projects are to submit reports, both during their progress and at their conclusion.

A project agreement must be signed by the all project participants. FFI has prepared a template as a guide to show how such an agreement can be designed.

When publishing information about your project and its results, you must indicate that the work has been conducted with FFI’s support. You can do this by including FFI’s logo.

FFI:s logotype in English

Application forms 2020

Pre-study Sep 2020.docx

Budget form Eng March 2020.xls

CV eng March 2020.docx

Project description templ October 2020.docx

Apply for FFI funding


If you have any questions about FFI, you are welcome to contact us at the Vinnova office.

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Programme administrator

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Last updated 30 June 2020

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