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Eurostars allows SMEs to apply for funding for development of market-related processes, products and services in international project. Through international cooperation, Eurostars provides access to new knowledge, new collaborations and opportunities to test new markets. Swedish participants have so far been successful in the program and approximately 30 percent of all applicant have received funding.

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See webcast from the information meeting December 18

At Vinnova's information meeting on December 18, we went through what Eurostars is, what opportunities are offered and what support we can provide at Vinnova. Then we also told you what to think about if you want to seek upcoming calls.Here you can see the recorded meeting afterwards

Webinar on applying for Eurostars cut off 13

Take part in the recorded webinar from the Eurostars Secretariat on how to apply for Eurostars cut off 13. The recording was made on January 21, 2020 and is in English.

Watch the Eurostars cut off webinar 13

What can I apply for?

You can apply for funding for market-related research and innovation projects in all areas of technology. Your project should lead to market introduction of a product, service or process no later than two years after the project been completed. Project life science may make an exception for clinical trials. The projects can last for a maximum of three years and must be a collaboration between at least two Eurostars countries.

Who can apply?

Eurostars is primarily aimed at small and medium-sized companies in collaboration with research organizations and the public sector. The project must be coordinated by the company, but large companies, academia and research institutes can also participate.

Läs EU's definition of small and large companies on the Eurostar website

To ensure the ability to pay with small and medium-sized companies, the company's net sales or equity must be at least half of the sum applied for.

Vinnova works for equal development in society and therefore looks positively at project where both women and men participate in the grant and actively participate. also objective to increase female participation. We also want to increase the participation of actors who have not sought international funding before.

How much can I search?

You can apply for a maximum of SEK 5 million. If the project lacks a Swedish small or medium-sized company, you can apply for a maximum of SEK 2 million.

  • Small and medium-sized companies, according to the EU definition, can apply for a grant for 50% of their costs.
  • Large companies can apply for a grant for 30 percent of their costs.
  • Universities, colleges, research institutes or the public sector apply for a grant for 70 percent of their costs.

Here's how to apply

1. Make sure you are entitled to a grant

First, read through Eurostar's rules of participation, Eligibility Guidelines, to make sure you are entitled to a grant.

Eligibility guidelines on the EUREKA website

EU definition of SMEs

2. Contact partners

Identify and contact international partners.

3. Contact the support office

Contact the support office for assistance with how to funding seek funding. You can also contact any of the national Eurostars contacts with us at Vinnova.

The support office for small and medium-sized companies wishing to apply for EU grant

4. Read the proposal requirements

Read the instructions on how to write a proposal.

proposal instructions on the Eurostar website

5. Send proposal to EUREKA

Submit your proposal to the EUREKA Secretariat in Brussels. The secretariat makes an assessment of whether or not your project will receive funding.

6. We will contact you

Om EUREKAs Secretariat approves your proposal, we will contact you to seek funding for the Swedish parties with us.

Read more about Eurostars

Movies about financing opportunities

On April 27, 2018, Vinnova organized an information meeting on European programme for research and innovation in small and medium-sized companies and what funding opportunities there are for companies. Here you can see the presentations given by Peter Lindberg at Vinnova and Sara Gunnerås from EUSME.

Peter Lindberg, Vinnova

Peter Lindberg, Vinnova, talks about Eurostars - International research and innovation projects for SMEs.

Sara Gunnerås, EUSME

Sara Gunnerås, EUSME Support Office, talks about how SMEs can get help and support ahead of a proposal for Horizon 2020.

Funding within Eurostars

Open calls within this offer are listed below.


If you have any questions, please contact thesupport officeor any of Vinnova's Eurostars handlers.

Mimmi Magnusson

National contact person, Vinnova

+46 8 473 30 06

Peter Lindberg

National project coordinator Eureka

+46 8 473 31 93

Richard Hellborg

Programme manager

+46 8 473 31 23

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