Digitala hjälpmedel - vi söker innovationer som gör livet enklare!

Digital teknik, när den är som bäst, gör livet enklare. Den är numera ett självklart inslag i samhället och en förutsättning för delaktighet. Vill du bidra till bättre hälsa, hållbar tillväxt och samhällsnytta?

Our need for support varies with employment, how we live and in what phase of life we are. It is not difficult to imagine situations where everyone may need support. Only the fact that we need to work longer in the ages is likely to lead to an increased need for support. Aids provide increased independence, greater opportunity for active leisure and better conditions in working life and school. All this contributes to better health.

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Ett barn som cyklar med AR-glasögon (glasögon för förstärkt verklighet).

Augmented reality - reinforced reality with AR glasses.

Satsningen Digitala aids

The initiative is aimed at actors who, with digital technology, want to develop new solutions that can increase people's functional ability and eliminate obstacles to participation. Vinnova encourages sharing of knowledge, tools and ideas, and that actors open their products for external modifications or in other ways create opportunities for innovations even in the next stage.

It is important that users who need support are able to take advantage of the latest technological developments. We therefore welcome in particular a project that uses advanced technology. It can be about artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), enhanced reality (AR), computer games, simulation and automation. Other relevant orientations are to include sensors and other body-borne technologies that enhance the user's abilities in various aids.

Within the framework of the initiative, on November 14, 2018, the call for proposals "Digital Aids" opened. The call for proposals currently has two themes:

  • Sport and leisure as well
  • Working life and school


Vill du söka finansiering i vårt erbjudande inom digitala hjälpmedel? Här nedan kan du klicka dig vidare till ansökningssidan och läsa mer om några spännande projekt inom området Digitala hjälpmedel.

Ökade möjligheter med TriMo AKK

TriMo AKK - ett Vinnova-finansierat projekt - ger ökade möjligheter till tillgänglighet, kommunikation och delaktighet i samhället för personer med talstörning eller avsaknad av talat språk.

How prostheses redefine humanity

When people with the needs get involved in creating more interesting solutions arise.

Cybathlon by EHT Zurich

Cybathlon - not just a competition but also an event that wants to show what technology can do today and what research can create for the future.

A mobile lifestyle with Gita

Piaggio Gita is an example of an innovation that helps to carry things, such as a food bag. As a general solution, it is beneficial to everyone.

Polyfactory's open calls to young researchers

Innovationscentret Polifactory in Milan offers students and researchers support to be able to work with prototypes for tools in makerspaces


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Vinnova satsar på hållbar innovation

Här kan du läsa om vårt arbete med hållbarhet, jämställdhet och smart policyutveckling.

Below you will find current application rounds within this call for proposal.
Can adequately formulated regulations help in the development of innovations? Will the implementation of ideas that benefit our society go faster if we are able to adapt the regulatory framework based on them? We certainly believe that to be the case.
<p>Vinnova verkar för en jämställd samhällsutveckling. Vår finansiering ska komma både kvinnor och män tillgodo och projekten vi finansierar ska bidra till ökad jämställdhet.</p>
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