Tomorrow’s sustainable economy

A circular, bio-based economy is one of the keys to a sustainable society. Innovations and new working methods can transform problems into opportunities and replace products based on fossil fuels with those based on bio-fuels.

Seize the chance to turn threats into opportunities

Fossil-based products can be replaced with bio-based products through innovative thinking and design. Innovation also makes it possible to recover worn products and create new ones using the same materials. Solutions range from planning for recycling at the production stage to using natural materials that forests provide in new ways.

We fund a number of schemes where research institutions, companies, municipalities and other organisations develop sustainable business models together. We're now prepared to give more actors the chance of developing joint innovations that turn threats into opportunities. Are you ready to take part in the process?

How we're working with the circular, bio-based economy

A large part of Innovator's investments are aimed at the circular, bio-based economy. We have three programmes with a special focus in this area:

We've also been given a commission from the Government to support those who are working with the cooperation programme The circular, bio-based economy.

Other prioritised areas

<p>Sweden needs the force of industrial innovation to meet the social challenges we're facing.</p>
<p>Increased cooperation between healthcare, academia, industry and interest groups is vital if we're going to improve Swedish competitiveness in life science.</p>
<p>To cope with climate challenges,we need to use transport resources smarter and more efficiently.</p>
<p>We face future challenges in our cities, whether they're social, environmental or financial.</p>

Last updated 30 January 2018

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