New ultra effective mosquito-only trap

Diarienummer 2018-01003
Koordinator Molecular attraction AB - Molecular attraction
Bidrag från Vinnova 300 000 kronor
Projektets löptid maj 2018 - oktober 2018
Status Beslutat
Utlysning Innovativa startups
Ansökningsomgång Innovativa startups steg 1 våren 2018

Syfte och mål

Our goal is to develop a novel type of a mosquito trap where a lure and toxin are directed only to the mosquitoes and does not affect other insects. We intend to market our products to individual customers in high and middle income countries and offer the product as part of the eradication programs in low income settings. In this project we intend to develop and test a Proof of Concept design for the trap, allowing us to enter a field evaluation phase.

Förväntade effekter och resultat

During the course of this program we expect to achieve a functional prototype of a trap which is tested in a semi-field setup for optimised attraction and killing. We will generate: -a number of design prototypes -optimized blend and carrier medium for the blend in the traps -efficacy data for attraction and killing. These results will allow for the next phase of development, namely manufacturing and CoG optimization and open field testing.

Planerat upplägg och genomförande

Month (1-3): Prototype trap design and model printing and refining. Optimization of carrier for the blend in the trap. Month (2-3): Marathon and semi-field studies Month (3-4): Data analysis and design refinement. Please note that we intend for a number of design-test-evaluate cycles to happen

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