Diarienummer 2014-01147
Koordinator SEMCON SWEDEN AB - Semcon Caran AB, Göteborg
Bidrag från Vinnova 500 000 kronor
Projektets löptid mars 2014 - januari 2017
Status Avslutat
Utlysning EUREKA cluster co-funding 
Ansökningsomgång EUREKA medfinansiering kluster 2014-2015

Syfte och mål

We propose an agnostic webbased remote meeting client called MEROEX (in its current incarnation), with features specifically targeted to business meetings such as collaborative agenda setting, audio recording with tagging, shared files and an asymmetric meeting hierarchy with separate interfaces (moderator/participant). The final interface has gone through multiple iterations of test and refinement, with solutions based in (human) communications theories while utilizing "new" web technologies such as WebRTC. See also the attachment Summary Semcon.

Resultat och förväntade effekter

After a bottom-up process, where Ericsson´s and Semcon´s local and remote meeting culture was studied, a framework of how to improve remote meetings was shaped. We learned what type of meetings occured most often, and pain points of current meetings and assistive technologies. What blocks and enables successful meetings? One finding is the value of "Informality enablers", and the downside of using dedicated hardware (that locks a solution to e.g. specific room). Hence the browser based solution. MEROEX is now in Semcon´s innovation pipeline. See also the attachment Summary Semcon.

Upplägg och genomförande

After an initial literature and observational study, an agile approach was employed with multiple iterations on prototyping, use testing and literature studies. The choice for a web-based meeting client came half-way through the project as it was the most promising among the pathways identified. It followed a series of between-site environmental interventions that aimed to increase informality between offices, e.g. a digital "window" to the other site´s lunch room. See also the attachment Summary Semcon.

Externa länkar

Semcon´s research and innovation webpage Chalmers t2i Lab research w eb. AVS AG research web. ETH Zurich research web.

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