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Press release

AI can provide more effective strategies for future pandemics

Published: 6 April 2020

Now 27 companies and public enterprises receive support from Vinnova to carry out their first innovation projects in artificial intelligence. One of the projects is about AI for more effective strategies in pandemics.

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The projects receive support through the initiative “Start your AI journey”, where public businesses and small and medium-sized companies receive funding for their first innovation projects within AI. These are pilot projects that use AI based on machine learning for new advanced features. The purpose is to accelerate Sweden's use of AI in several sectors by financing project and disseminating knowledge about their potential.

One of the projects will be implemented by the Public Health Agency, which will develop and implement an AI agent in a simulation model to design more effective strategies in pandemics. Machine learning should be used to teach the AI agent which interventions and combinations of interventions best meet a number of evaluation criteria under different scenarios.

Examples of other project receiving funding:

Prediction of emergencies

Carmenta Public Safety AB

Should find out if it is possible to use machine learning to anticipate emergencies and thus make more efficient handling of emergency calls and relief efforts.

AI model for prediction of undiagnosed atrial fibrillation

Zenicor Medical Systems AB

Will develop next-generation thumb ECG to enable earlier and more secure diagnosis of atrial fibrillation to prevent stroke.

AI for predicting needs patterns for car sharing

Swedspot AB

The aim of the project is to find patterns that can be used to improve the resource utilization of vehicles in car sharing with the help of AI.

AI prediction of outcomes in online self-help of alcohol problems

Region Stockholm

Will develop a model where free text response in Alcoholhjä with the help of AI is used for decision support to select the patients who have the most benefit from individual support.

AI-based optimization of greenhouse cultivation

Svegro AB

The project is about precision cultivation in greenhouses in order to better monitor the plants' growth and health with AI, which can reduce energy consumption and more efficient food production.

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