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New AI effort can address climate challenge

Published: 19 March 2020

Artificial intelligence has great potential to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt society to climate change. Vinnova and Formas are making a new effort to push the use of AI to meet the climate challenge.

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The investment is about further developing research ideas and knowledge that can lead to AI being used to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also to adapt society to climate change that cannot be prevented.

- Applications of AI are already of great importance in many areas, but in terms of climate, the impact has been limited in relation to the potential. The aim of the initiative is to increase the use of AI to provide a powerful impact as quickly as possible, says Daniel Rencrantz, head of department for Innovation Management at Vinnova.

There are several possible uses. For example, using AI based on satellite data, it is possible to identify forest deforestation in areas such as the Amazon and take measures to protect these carbon sinks. Another example is that AI, with the help of data from smart meters and the Internet of Things, can predict the energy needs of cities, which makes it possible to reduce climate imprints. There are several uses, ranging from industrial processes to community protection and large ecosystems in nature.

The intention is that research and knowledge in climate issues and AI will meet in new collaborations.

- The call for proposal is open to proposals in all areas, where the ability of projects to lead to significant emissions reductions, or to important social adjustments to cope with climate change is an important part of the assessment, says Mattias Blomberg, coordinator of innovation at Formas.

In the projects, several parties will work together. Organizations that want to use AI to reduce emissions or meet climate change should have an active role in projects, such as companies or public actors.

The initiative is part of the national climate research program. Vinnova and Formas together invest SEK 90 million in the call for proposal distributed on two applications. The first call for proposals opens in April.


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