Equal funding of innovations

Vinnova works to ensure that the knowledge and needs of the entire population are utilized and that initiatives supported by us will benefit both women and men. Statistics show that innovation projects where men and women have the same power to influence will be more successful.

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For those of you involved in our efforts, this means that gender equality must be integrated into both how your project group is composed and the intended outcome of your project.

How do I get started?

How do I get started with integrating gender equality into our project group and the results of the project? And what is meant by gender aspects in our project ?

Here you will find support and guidance in the work on gender equality

Women and men should have the same power to shape society

I Vinnovas's instructions from the government, it appears that we should integrate an equality perspective into the agency's activities and promote gender equality in the distribution of funds for research and innovation. We shall also work to include gender and / or gender perspectives in the project we finance, where applicable.

To do this, we work actively with gender mainstreaming. This means that all activities in government should be permeated by a gender equality perspective and that the business should be developed so that it contributes to the gender equality policy goal that women and men should have the same power to shape society and their own lives.

A prerequisite for innovation

However, gender equality more than a mission for Vinnova. It is rather a prerequisite for innovation and sustainable social development. We must utilize the resources, skills and knowledge of the entire population and also make sure that the tax resources we manage equally benefit both women and men.

How gender equality integrated differs in Vinnova's various efforts and is evident from the respective texts of the programs.

Funding right now for innovations in gender equality


Do you have questions about how Vinnova works with gender equality and gender and gender perspectives? Feel free to contact any of us.

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