Welcome to Vinnova!

Welcome to Vinnova!

<p>Follow our five-step guide on how to apply for and receive funding from us.</p>
<p>Find out how Vinnova - mainly through&nbsp;funding research and innovation projects - is helping to strengthen Sweden's innovation capacity.</p>
<p>Find out who we are and why we exist.</p>

In focus

Our pri­ori­tised ar­eas

<p>Sweden needs the force of industrial innovation to meet the social challenges we're facing.</p>
<p>A circular, bio-based economy is one of the keys to a sustainable society.&nbsp;</p>
<p>We face future challenges in our cities, whether they're social, environmental or financial.</p>
<p>Increased cooperation between healthcare, academia, industry and interest groups is vital if we're going to improve Swedish competitiveness in life science.</p>
<p>To cope with climate challenges,we need to use transport resources smarter and more efficiently.</p>