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In January 2021, Horizon Europe was launched, the EU's new framework program for research and innovation, which extends between 2021 and 2027. Beginning in the first quarter of 2021, the EU will continue to build to strengthen the impact of research and innovation, with the goal of being able to prepare for to address global challenges and be able to achieve the UN's global objective.

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Horisont Europa takes over where the previous program ends

Swedish companies, organizations and research institutions can, in the same term as the corresponding actors in other EU countries, apply for funding from the budget that has been proposed to be 94 billion euros.

This is done with the citizen in the center. Researchers get the opportunity to realize ideas in research and innovation. In addition to funding, the program also offers knowledge and experience exchange as well as networking with colleagues in and outside Europe.

The program is for all types of organizations in business, the public sector, research institutes, universities, colleges, companies, industry and civil society.

Horizon Europe will:

  • strengthen the EU's scientific and technological base, as well as the European Research Area
  • promote the EU's innovation capacity, competitiveness and job creation
  • provide results on the issues that are most important to us all; maintain our socio-economic model and our values

A framework program with different orientations

The program has three main specializations, pillars, within which project can receive funding. The three pillars are Scientific Excellence, Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness and Innovativa Europa.

The first pillar of the program emphasizes open research, with the aim of strengthening and expanding competence in the EU's scientific sphere.
<p>The second pillar highlights the industry's crucial role in achieving the overall goals of Horisont Europa.</p>
The task of the third pillar is to stimulate market-creating breakthroughs and ecosystems that facilitate innovation.

Missions and collaborations

In addition to the three pillars, Missions and European Partnerships are important components of Horizon Europe. The partnership is a collective name for various collaborations between the European Commission, the countries and other stakeholders. Missions are strategically oriented research and innovation initiatives where resources are concentrated on a few selected societal challenges.

<p>Missions can be described as strategically oriented research and innovation initiatives that aim to focus resources, human as well as economic, around a few selected societal challenges that require innovative solutions.</p>
European Partnership is a collective name for various collaborations between the European Commission, the Member States and associated countries, business and other stakeholders.
<p>Here we collect all the news about Horisont Europa and the calendar where you see what will happen in the future.</p>


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