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Our terms of employment

Our vision is to be Sweden’s most attractive government employer. We therefore offer, among other things, favourable parental leave, preventive health care and flexible working hours.

Preventive health care

We want to contribute to good health and a healthy lifestyle among our employees. So we offer, among other things, two hours of preventive health care per employee and week, and a keep-fit allowance of SEK 2,500 per year that you can use for a form of exercise of your choice.

Flexible working hours

With flexible working hours, we give you the chance to plan your working hours to create a good balance between work and leisure time. You also have access to the technical aids necessary to be able to work outside the office.

Favourable parental leave

We offer a flexible working hour agreement so that you can more easily combine parenthood and working life. You can shorten your working hours until your child turns 12. For parental leave, Vinnova provides a parental benefit supplement so that you receive 90% of your salary for 360 days.

Pension agreement

As an employee at Vinnova, you are covered by the government pension agreement with occupational, survivor's and disability pension.


If a work-related injury occurs, you have occupational injury insurance that gives you compensation. You're also covered by an occupational group life insurance that provides financial protection to survivors.


Vinnova has generous holiday conditions where the number of holiday days is determined by your age. For example, if you are over the age of 30, you have 31 holiday days. If you have turned 40, you have 35 days.

Compensation for health and medical care

Vinnova fully reimburses expenses for prescription medications covered by the high-cost protection. Some of the costs for other health and medical care are also reimbursed.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, don't heistate to contact us.

Johan Lundholm

Human Resources Partner/HR-controller

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Last updated 17 November 2017

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