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What is Vinnväxt?

Vinnväxt is a competition to promote sustainable growth in regions. With long-term funding, the regions must be able to coordinate business, academia and the public sector in order to thereby increase the ability to develop and commercialize new knowledge and technology.

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Within the time they receive funding, the initiatives will develop new patterns for collaboration that lead to more efficient innovation processes. The collaboration must take place at both strategic and operational level and lead to products, services and ideas that are internationally competitive.

The initiatives within Vinnväxt have previously focused on, among other things

  • collaboration and regional meeting places
  • needs-driven research and development
  • internationalization
  • gender mainstreaming.

During the period of funding, the initiatives must have become a recognized node, nationally and internationally, in their field. It will be so attractive to individuals, companies and capital that it can raise resources and continue to operate even after our funding ended.

The initiatives will aim to contribute to Agenda 2030 and our six priority areas. Our priority areas are

  • smart cities
  • transportation
  • connected industry
  • material
  • health
  • circular economy

Sustainable development must be an integrated driving force for the Vinnväxt initiatives' long-term competitiveness.

In line with Vinnova's mission for gender mainstreaming, all initiatives that are funded must contribute to the gender equality policy goals. This means that the initiative must be developed so that women and men have the same power to shape society and their own lives. In addition to contributing to increased gender equality, a gender equality perspective in research and innovation can mean added value in the form of competence, innovative capacity and business opportunities.

Term for funding

Funding is provided at SEK 2–8 million per year. To get continued funding, we evaluate how the initiative has reached the objective they have set themselves. The evaluations also make it possible to compare the different initiatives and are an important part of both Vinnova's and the initiatives' learning. The evaluations take place after 1, 3, 6 and 12 years, respectively.

  • Year 1 - declaration that the processes have started.
  • Years 3 and 6 - evaluation of the chosen strategy. Are you on your way to the region's objective? Some power measurements are also made.
  • Year 12 - the final evaluation will be carried out two years after the end of the program and will have effects on the processes and growth.

Funding should also take place outside Vinnväxt

Already at the start, you are expected to apply for funding from other programme, both with other financiers and within other programme with Vinnova. You are expected to have a longer time perspective than your participation in the Vinnväxt program. The goal is for the initiative to continue to be developed even when the Vinnväxt funding is phased out.


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Last updated 18 May 2022

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