In this section you'll find our logos in png-, svg and and eps format for digital and print.

When you use our logo, you need to add the phrase 'With funding from:' next to the logo.

English version

Vinnovas logotyp, engelsk version

Swedish version

Vinnovas logotyp, primär version

Alternative version

Vinnova logotyp, alternativ version

Using our logotype

Free zone

The logotype shall always be treated with a spacing or free zone around it. Use the letter "N" as value "X".

Vinnovas logotyp, fritt utrymme

Smallest size

The payoff ”Sweden's Innovation Agency” has to be easy to read, therefore the size of the logo should not be too small. For digital content the height shall be at least 46 dp, and for print 7 mm.


Vinnovas logotyp, höjd


What you can't do

Our logotype must never be changed. These are some examples of what you are not allowed to do:

  • Use other colors then green and white.
  • Adding visual effects.
  • Replace or change the payoff.
  • Change shape of the logotype.
  • Use the logo within a frase or a sentence.
  • Place the logo on a disturbing/messy background.

You can download Vinnova's logotype for digital use here. The .zip-file also contains guidelines (in Swedish). For further questions contact our Communications Department at kommunikation@vinnova.se

Any questions?

Vinnova's Communications Department

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