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Vinnova is Sweden’s innovation agency. We help to build Sweden's innovation capacity, contributing to sustainable growth. Our vision is that Sweden is an innovative force in a sustainable world.

Vinnova enable innovation that makes a difference

Vinnova’s vision is that Sweden is an innovative force in a sustainable world.

We help to build Sweden’s innovation capacity, contributing to sustainable growth. We base our work on the global sustainability development goals of the 2030 Agenda adopted by the United Nations.

We help organisations meet societal challenges

We identify areas where our efforts can make a difference, and we create opportunities and incentives for organisations to work together to meet important societal challenges.

We stimulate collaborations where knowledge and skills from different perspectives meet and where organisations learn from each other. Our support gives companies and organisations the opportunity to experiment and test new ideas before they become profitable. Every year, Vinnova invests approximately SEK 3 billion in research and innovation.

We’re an expert authority with 200 employees

Vinnova is a government agency under the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, and the national contact authority for the EU framework programme for research and innovation. We’re also the Swedish Government's expert authority in innovation policy. Vinnova employs just over 200 people. Our head office is in Stockholm with affiliates in Brussels, Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv.

Reports, online videos and website

Browse, flick through or download our wide range of reports and publications.
Have a look through our online video material, where we display a range of material including live streamings from our events and information videos about our funding.
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Last updated 26 October 2020

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