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A socially sustainable industry

Industry means a lot to everyone in Sweden - through work directly or indirectly linked to industry, products we buy and consume and its impact on our environment and living conditions. The impact can be positive, but sometimes it is negative. Therefore, we need to constantly work to improve conditions, working methods and the impact of Swedish industry - on people, nature and society.

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By supporting innovation in the area, we can contribute to safe and secure workplaces with a competent and equal workforce. This in turn can contribute to achieving the global goals of Agenda 2030.

Below are examples of three ways in which Vinnova works with industry to promote sustainable development, with a special focus on a socially sustainable industry.

Safe and secure workplaces

A job in Swedish industry must not pose any risk to people's mental or physical health. This means that innovation is needed for safer production and transportation - but innovation is needed to the same extent for the work culture between employees. Digitalisation and automation play a major role in this development, together with an innovative and inclusive way of working that promotes healthy work environments.

Competent and equal workforce

Swedish industry accounts for 22% of employment in Swedish business and 68% of business's investments in research and development. Today, however, the opportunities are not evenly distributed between people of different genders or backgrounds. Vinnova wants to contribute to initiatives for a more equal workforce and workplace culture and for skills supply and lifelong learning.

Inclusive and value-creating industries

All industry affects people, nature and societies in different ways. Through governance, knowledge exchange and innovation, we can minimize the negative impact that arises and at the same time also enable positive value creation. The starting point in this area is broad and includes, among other things, work with:

  • ecosystems and ecosystem services,
  • biodiversity and biodiversity,
  • water, air and soil pollution,
  • dialogue, consultation and conflict prevention,
  • transparency and social acceptance,
  • efficient and legally secure permit processes,
  • culture, nature and tourism in interaction with industrial activities.

Project that contributes to a socially sustainable industry

The following project has been funded by Vinnova to contribute to a socially sustainable industry

Last updated 12 January 2022

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