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Agriculture of the future

Agriculture is an important sector for jobs, industrial development and rural development. It is also an area with great opportunities to contribute to sustainable change.

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The total greenhouse gas emissions linked to Swedish agriculture corresponded to just over 20 percent of the total national emissions in 2018. Changed food production and consumption are a prerequisite for achieving Agenda 2030, the environmental goals and the public health goals. To create the agriculture of the future, both producers, processing companies, distributors, policy actors and consumers need to contribute.

Great innovation potential in agriculture

Sweden has good prospects of shifting the food system towards increased competitiveness and sustainable resource utilization. We have a strong environmental policy, high animal welfare, low use of antibiotics and safe food production. In addition, we are a country with a high general innovative capacity.

The responsibility for a changed production and consumption lies with actors in all parts of the system, not with individual producers and consumers. By identifying and analyzing all actors and activities that are affected by the agriculture of the future, Vinnova will develop initiatives that contribute to adjustment and competitiveness in one of Sweden's most important sectors.

Last updated 21 May 2021

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