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Programledare Cassandra Marshall at the Innovation Management department

Creative and creative working methods in combination with great personal responsibility. Cassandra Marshall at Vinnova contributes to Swedish organizations becoming better at working innovatively - now she is looking for a new employee.

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"We want to spread the knowledge and lessons we capture in our project to more businesses"

Creative creation and a large portion of personal responsibility. Orden is Cassandra Marshalls who is programme manager in the Innovation Management department and describes what she is looking for in her future colleague when the unit now expands.

Why did it become Vinnova for you?
– Being able to work in the borderland between practice and academia attracted me to Vinnova. I have previously worked in the telecoms industry running innovation projects. I wanted to delve deeper into those questions and then Vinnova is an excellent place.

Tell us about your work with the program Innovation management and organization?
– The goal is to get businesses in the private, public and non-profit sector to work more thoughtfully and systematically with innovation and show that it pays off. An example is an effort where we provide funding to service providers who get the opportunity to collaborate with researchers and municipalities through various workshops where all three parties discuss and test how to lead and organize innovation work. We are currently investigating whether it is a good way for Vinnova to go in with support - does it give good results, does it develop knowledge, models, methods and tools for innovation management?

- We want to spread the knowledge and lessons we capture in our project to several businesses in the private, public and non-profit sectors to increase their ability to innovate. For two to three years, we follow the projects we finance and arrange seminars and conferences in educational aim.

Now you are looking for a new employee, what are you looking for?
- Within the program, we are a small core team of three to five people, depending on which project we have running. The issues that land on our table are often of interest to the whole of Vinnova, which means that we also collaborate a lot across departmental boundaries.

We are looking for people who enjoy working in an innovative, creative and creative way of working that may be required when, for example, we carry out pilot projects to find out what knowledge and effort is needed in the market. So if you have the ability to collaborate well and take a lot of personal responsibility, you have every opportunity to develop with us.

What is the best thing about your work?
– Getting to work with innovation! My job not only feels fun, it is also urgent and interesting. The area of innovation management both fascinates and drives me. I meet many competent and interesting people in my job and I feel that I have a creative job with great responsibility. To be able to look at and be responsible for issues that are at the absolute forefront that develop companies and organizations, and by extension Sweden, is fantastic. We can influence and change – for real.

Last updated 11 April 2024

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