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Words and roles that are good to know

Words and roles that are good to know when you apply for funding from Vinnova.



All organizations that collaborate in the project are project partners. The project parties contribute to planning and implementing the project, and share risks and results. The project party does not necessarily need to receive a share of the grant, but participates and has costs in the project, and is included in proposal.

A participant is always a legal person. If someone in the project brings in subcontractors or reference groups, then these are not project parties.

Participant's approval

Participant's approval is a document where each participant undertakes to do what they have described in proposal, and report the results to Vinnova. We request an approval from each participant. An authorized representative must sign the document, which you then scan. The scanned documents must be attached to the start report, and the coordinator will save the original. If new project parties are added, the project party's approval must be attached to the change request.

Coordinating participant (coordinator)

Coordinating participant, or coordinator, is the participant responsible for the contact with Vinnova. This means that the coordinator conveys information between the other project parties and Vinnova. The coordinator is also responsible for ensuring that all documents and reports arrive at Vinnova as they should.

The payments always go to the coordinator, who distributes the grant to the grant recipients. The project manager usually works in the organization with the coordinator.

Project manager

The project manager is the person linked to the project in Vinnova's e-service. In practice, the project manager does what the coordinator is responsible for, for example submitting reports or reporting changes in the project.


Beneficiary are the project parties who receive a share of the funding. Some project parties participate in the project without taking part in the contribution. They are therefore not beneficiary. A beneficiary may never be the financier of another party in the project.

Aid intensity

The support level is Vinnova's funding expressed as a percentage, calculated on the eligible costs. This is how we calculate the support level:

Aid intensity (%) = Funding/ eligible costs

The maximum aid intensity the various project parties may have depends on the call for proposals, on the organization's conditions and the rules for government support. The level of support can therefore be different for different project parties. The maximum support level appears in the decision.

Other financiers

Vinnova is a financier. In addition to Vinnova, there may also be other financiers. A beneficiary cannot be a financier of a party in the same project.

Own funding

Own funding is the proportion of costs that are not covered by Vinnova's funding or other financiers.

Last updated 12 January 2024

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