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How do I get started?

How do I get started with integrating gender equality into the project team and the intended outcome of our project ?

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This is how it works

1. Gender equality in the project team

Is the project team or consortium equal (60/40) and do women and men have equal power and influence in the form of work effort and positions? If not, what are the conditions for you to work actively to improve equality within the project team and consortium?

2. Equal effects of the projects

Investigate the relevance of integrating gender and / or gender perspectives into the intended outcome of your project. Are there differences in conditions, needs, term between women and men that should be examined and addressed to ensure relevance or even open up to new markets? What norms linked to gender / gender need to be problematized? Is there a risk of stereotypical assumptions that can affect problem formulation, implementation and methods or solutions? In what way can the project's results contribute to increased gender equality ?

3. Implementation

Have you established routines, roles or policies linked to gender equality in the implementation of your project?

Have you examined what methods, skills, tools and the like you will use to implement and evaluate your equality efforts.

If more knowledge about gender equality or gender and / or gender perspectives is needed, consult experts or engage researchers in your project. Costs for this are eligible. You can also include education on gender / gender issues in your proposal. These costs are also eligible.

Last updated 30 September 2022

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