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Artificiell intelligens - AI

Artificiell intelligens (AI) har stor potential att hjälpa oss att möta några av vår tids stora samhällsutmaningar, som att behandla kroniska sjukdomar och bekämpa klimatförändringar.

Användning av AI skapar möjligheter till effektivisering i både offentlig sektor och inom näringslivet, ger nya affärsmöjligheter och är i många fall avgörande för vår framtida konkurrenskraft.  

Vinnova bidrar till att accelerera utveckling och användning av AI inom områden som är viktiga för Sverige eller där vi kan inta en internationell tätposition. Vi har nu särskilt fokus på AI för att möta klimatutmaningen, AI-lösningar för svenska språket och användning av AI för ökad jämställdhet.

AI Sweden - a national AI center

An important step for the development of AI in Sweden is AI Sweden - a national center for applied AI research and innovation. The purpose is to accelerate the application of AI by sharing knowledge and data, co-locating competence and running project of national interest.

AI Sweden consists of several geographical nodes. In 2019, nodes opened in Gothenburg, Örebro and in southern Sweden. Since January 2020 there is also a node in Stockholm. More nodes are planned. Vinnova has decided to invest SEK 100 million on AI Sweden 2020-2024.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

There is no widely accepted definition of artificial intelligence (AI). In essence, AI is about digital technology that enables automated information processing and decision-making without human intervention.

One way to define AI is the ability of a machine to mimic intelligent human behavior. Artificial intelligence is also the area of science and technology that is about studying, understanding and developing machines with intelligent behavior.

Seek funding within AI

Vinnova's initiatives and reports to accelerate innovation in AI

Vinnova has been investing heavily in AI since 2018 and has now decided to make a long-term commitment to AI Innovation of Sweden. We finance this effort with SEK 100 million during the period 2020-2024.

AI makes an impression in all areas of society, and we need to coordinate our efforts in, among other things, education, research and development of regulations. Sweden's innovation power is dependent on how AI can be developed. This need is confirmed in an analysis that Vinnova produced on behalf of the government.

In line with the Government's focus on AI and based on Vinnova's analysis of the AI area in Sweden, Vinnova also makes a number of other investments in AI - with both global connections and focus on various sectors of society.

At Vinnova, a mapping of active development environments within AI is ongoing. The results so far are presented in a new report. You can find it below with Vinnova's report on AI in Swedish business and the publication on the government's national focus on AI.

Elements of AI - a basic course for everyone

Elements of AI in Sweden is a free web-based course for anyone who wants to learn the basics of artificial intelligence.

It is about understanding what AI is, what can be done with AI and how to get started developing AI. The course has been developed by the University of Helsinki and the technology company Reaktor and in Finland, one percent of the population has completed the course.

Sweden has accepted the challenge with the goal that an equal share of Swedes should take the course. Some 50 companies and organizations have already jumped on and adopted the #aiut challenge. Among them are the Swedish Tax Agency, Volvo, Academedia, SKL and ÅF. Vinnova's objective that 30 percent of employees should attend the course and encourage other employers to also develop their skills in this way.

The translation of the course from Finnish to Swedish is funded by Vinnova and completed by AI Innovation of Sweden.


If you have questions about investments in artificial intelligence, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Last updated 13 November 2023

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