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Nationellt AI-center opens node in Stockholm

Published: 29 January 2020

Now AI innovation of Sweden is establishing a node in Stockholm. Vinnova has decided to invest SEK 100 million on AI Innovation of Sweden during 2020-2024 with several geographical nodes around the country.

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The need to accelerate AI application in Sweden is great. For example, Enligt Myndigheten for Digital Management (DIGG) estimates the value of using AI in the public sector at $ 140 billion per year. The establishment of the new node allows AI Innovation of Sweden to take advantage of Stockholm's unique ecosystem of start-ups, large companies, authorities and educational institutions. The purpose is to start new project of national interest and to accelerate the application of AI in Sweden. The node will also contribute to attracting international talent to Sweden and Stockholm.

AI Innovation of Sweden is part-financed by Vinnova, which has now decided to make a long-term commitment to AI Innovation of Sweden by financing the investment with SEK 100 million during the period 2020-2024. There has already been a node in Gothenburg and in addition to the new Stockholm node, Vinnova has also decided to funding new nodes in southern Sweden and Örebro.

- AI Innovation of Sweden has a crucial role in bringing together all of Sweden and driving the work on AI-based innovation that solves societal challenges and contributes to Swedish competitiveness. The investment will accelerate developments in areas where we can be international leaders, says Darja Isaksson, director general of Vinnova.

- Digitization is progressing faster and affects both jobs, companies and society. Artificiell Intelligens can streamline processes, process large amounts of data and, for example, improve transportation or speed up diagnostics in health care. We need to take advantage of the possibilities of digitalisation, because we need to work together between business, academia and the public to increase our knowledge and at the same time never forget the individual in order to maintain our Swedish will to change, says Ibrahim Baylan, Minister of Business Affairs.

- With the establishment of the node in Stockholm, new partners and Vinnova's extended financial commitment, we can scale up our activity and be an even stronger engine in the Swedish ecosystem. By accelerating the AI application in our country, we can create big profits for Swedish competitiveness and social development, says Martin Svensson, co-director, AI Innovation of Sweden.

The Node Manager will be Petra Dalunde who most recently comes from the role of COO at Urban ICT Arena in Kista Science City.


AI Innovation of Sweden is a national center for applied AI research and innovation. The goal is to accelerate the application of AI by sharing knowledge and data, co-locating competence and running project of national interest. The main components of AI Innovation of Sweden are the regional nodes, the project portfolio, the national data factory, and the commitment of partners. The data factory creates the opportunity for partners to voluntarily share their unique data with other partners and run project for AI development in Sweden. AI Innovation of Sweden brings together partners from all parts of Swedish society.

Today, about ten different project are underway in collaboration with several of the center's approximately 70 partners. The projects cover areas such as data-driven healthcare, language processing models for Swedish authorities and the use of satellite and road data.

The investment today amounts to approximately SEK 50 million per year. Including project funds, the investment amounts to over SEK 100 million in 2020 and grows thereafter. In addition to the node in Greater Stockholm, there are currently nodes in Örebro, Gothenburg and southern Sweden. Preliminary studies are underway to open nodes in northern Sweden and Linköping.


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Last updated 29 January 2020

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