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SImulation and VErification of wiReless Technologies (SIVERT)

Reference number
Coordinator Volvo Personvagnar AB - Avd 94100, PVV
Funding from Vinnova SEK 13 573 879
Project duration April 2018 - November 2021
Status Completed
Venture Electronics, software and communication - FFI
End-of-project report 2017-05502 eng.pdf (pdf, 12964 kB)

Purpose and goal

The project has addressed verification of vehicle connectivity modules in a comprehensive way, from simulations in the early phases of a vehicle project to the final verification of implemented systems in complete vehicles. A simulation tool has been developed for direct communication between vehicles, test methods for evaluating the performance of multiple antenna units (MIMO) have been extensively investigated and field test scenarios have been delivered. The focus of the test methods was cellular 4G communication.

Expected effects and result

The project has resulted in a simulation tool that includes all parts of vehicle-to-vehicle communication on system level. This now enables early concept evaluation. The simulation tool has also been shared publicly, which enables broad dissemination of knowledge. Furthermore, prototype setups for verification of 4G cellular communication for full-scale vehicles have also been developed. Based on these project results, Volvo Cars has defined a verification strategy and RISE and RanLOS can offer commercial wireless communication tests for full-scale vehicles.

Planned approach and implementation

In WP1 a literature review of applicable channel models was performed. These were implemented in the simulation framework together with map data (Open Street Map), antenna characteristics, mobility (Unity3D) and communication stack (NS3). WP2 evaluated various tools and scenarios for logging field data. The data collected was used for e.g. evaluation of virtual drive tests (VDT). The starting point of WP3 was test methods for mobiles. Four different methods were set up and evaluated w.r.t. applicability to vehicles, detailed measurement analysis (six sigma) and Round Robin tests.

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Reference number 2017-05502

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