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Winter - pilot initiative for innovation with sensitive data

With the pilot initiative Winter, Vinnova wants to help create the conditions for securely sharing and using sensitive data - thus making it available for innovation. First out, care and health data are linked to diabetes.

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In order to create innovations with data, it first needs to be made available, so that it can be shared and used. A consortium, with support from Vinnova, has developed a digital platform for secure sharing and use of data. The digital platform is made available to service developers in connection with innovation competitions.

In the first round of competition, health data from people with diabetes is in focus. Service developers who register for the competition then compete to create smart services for the benefit of people with diabetes, their relatives and staff in the health care system.

Important dates

The registration period runs from 12 October to 30 November at 14.00,

Why an innovation competition?

Innovation competitions have long been used as a method to support and accelerate change in various thematic areas.

Innovation competitions are based on a very simple idea. Someone identifies a problem, announces the challenge and offers a reward to the one who finds the best solution.

It is important to create interest in people with the right knowledge and expertise. Attracted by the competition's strong motivation - the promise of visibility or a prize money, the honor of being first or best, the satisfaction of using their skill to change the world - puts talented people and teams aside what they are doing and instead prioritizes solving a problem.

The goals of the innovation competition Winter are:

  • Innovations based on patients' care and health data
  • Improved collaboration between actors in the field
  • Reuse of existing data, through increased interoperability
  • Facilitate the development and implementation of new products and services
  • Increased conditions for clinical research
  • Increased competitiveness for Swedish business


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