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Vinter Competition

Vinnova invites companies and organizations to participate in the innovation competition Winter to develop smart solutions to real problems and at the same time challenge how we share and use sensitive data. Sweden needs innovation in the broadest sense to succeed in transforming entire systems and adjusting to a sustainable future. We also need to develop our way of working and collaborating on innovation. We start with health data linked to type 1 diabetes.

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The offer in brief

What can you apply for?

Winter is an innovation competition. For a limited period, contestants are given access to health data relating to type 1 diabetes to develop digital solutions for the benefit of people with diabetes, their relatives and care.

Who can apply?

Swedish companies and organizations in the private, public and non-profit sector can register for Winter. The competition has three categories: development of consumer and producer services and development of infrastructure.

How much can you apply for?

Winter provides access to unique data and an opportunity to participate in developing events. We do not fund participation, but all finalists are offered a dialogue about possible funding to further develop their idea when the competition ends.

Important dates

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    This is how you report

    To register, you need to log in and fill in a registration form in our portal, Vinnova's eservices portal. In the form you enter a short project summary, which organization will coordinate (lead) the project and project manager.

    Here you will find Vinnova's stakeholder portal where you can open an account.

    Please note that the link below is not relevant for registration for the Winter Innovation Competition.

    Start registration well in advance

    Expect a processing time of up to 5 working days from the time the notification is submitted via Vinnova's eservices portal to Vinnova's notification of the notification being approved or rejected.

    This happens after registration

    Once your application has been registered, we will email a confirmation to the person in charge of the user account and to the project manager and signatory. This may take a few hours. If you have not received a confirmation within 24 hours after the competition closes, get in touch with us.

    Who can read your application?

    Applications submitted to us become public documents. But we do not disclose information about the business, inventions or research results if it can be assumed that someone is suffering financial damage if the information is shown.

    This means that we must release the documents if someone requests them. However, we keep confidential the information that we believe could cause financial damage if it is disclosed.

    How we handle public documents and confidentiality

    Any questions?

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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