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Equal effects of the projects

Many problems, results and solutions can affect women and men differently. That perspective must be included when you set up goals for your project.

This web page has been machine translated. If there are any uncertainties, please refer to the Swedish text.

Gender describes the breakdown of categories based on biological characteristics, usually women and men, girls and boys, male and female animals. Gender, simply put, describes the social and cultural processes that construct conceptions of gender and that are important for both social structures and the gender identity of individuals.

As an applicant in any of Vinnova's calls, you are invited to investigate whether and how the gender and gender dimensions are relevant within the project. In general, it can be said that in the project where people are involved (end users for example) it is likely that a gender or gender perspective is relevant. This should then be treated as an integral part of the proposal.

Including gender and gender perspectives in research can be anything from including and analyzing differences between women and men in the study material (gender perspective) to establishing a problematic and reflective approach to how gender relations are created and understood (gender perspective). This should include both women's and men's term, needs and experiences.

How gender and / or gender aspects are judged appears in the respective program's announcement text. Gender and gender perspectives in the research content should not be confused with equal gender distribution in the research group's composition or equal assessment of research applications.

How do I get started?

How do I get started with integrating gender equality into our project group and the results of the project? And what is meant by gender aspects in our project ?

Here you will find support and guidance in the work on gender equality

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