How can AI accelerate transition to meet major societal challenges?

Organised by: Vinnova och AI Innovation of Sweden Virtuellt Wed 27 May 2020 at 13:30-14:30

Vinnova and AI Innovation of Sweden invite you to a web-based seminar focusing on three areas where artificial intelligence can enable and accelerate the transition to a sustainable society. The highlighted areas are AI in climate change adaptation, health care and AI solutions for the Swedish language.

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Artificial intelligence gives us new opportunities to find patterns in large amounts of data and now we can see that AI is already today a tool for meeting the great societal challenges of our time. At the seminar, leading actors in the field talk about how AI can contribute to the necessary change in the areas of climate and health care and what benefits AI solutions for the Swedish language can give us.

The web-based seminar is aimed at those who want to know more about AI and its uses today and in the future. The lecture is part of Vinnova's seminar series Open up for innovation! which focuses on methods, processes and tools to meet the great societal challenges of our time.

Sometimes we photograph or video record our activities. If you don't want to participate in photos or videos, please let us when you arrive.


Johanna Dahlin


+46 8 473 32 26

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