Missions - an innovative way to tackle societal challenges

The challenges we face in today's society are both complex and global. Whether we deal with poverty, climate change or health inequalities, we can't solve the problems as individuals. The change needs to happen at system level. To achieve a sustainable future in time, we must think and cooperate in new ways. At Vinnova we're currently exploring a mission-oriented way of working. This involves different sectors interacting and working towards a common objective.

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What are missions as a way of working?

A mission-oriented approach aims to achieve system change. Actors from different sectors, industries and disciplines gather around a bold, inspiring and measurable objective that must be achieved within a certain time period. The goal should have an impact on society and politics, and be relevant to a large part of the population.

  • Missions as a way of working are based on cross-sectoral collaborations.
  • The approach requires a mix of top-down and bottom-up initiatives, all with a common direction.
  • The work is coordinated by actors at system level, but is based on a joint-force gathering. The changes happen when everyone moves towards the objective formulated together.
  • Working this way, you can approach the Agenda 2030 goals differently. The objectives formed in the mission work address real societal challenges that span several of the goals in Agenda 2030.

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A mission-oriented approach is about finding a common direction for solutions that focuses on the challenge. We have to think outside our silos and work in new ways, together with new actors.

Current seminars within missions

Please join us!

Over the past year, Vinnova has worked intensively on missions, exploring the approach extensively. We now invite new and unknown actors from different parts of society to join us in this new way of working with complex challenges, from a systems perspective. The hope is that we will succeed in covering different perspectives, and make a bigger difference for a sustainable future together.


Do you want to participate?

Does your organisation or company want to join our work? Do not hesitate to contact us - whether you have questions or want to participate!

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